The introduction of surgical shadowless lamp

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The shadowless lamp is actually not "shadowless", it just lightens the umbra and makes the umbra not obvious. The shadow is formed by light illuminating the object. The shadows everywhere are different on earth. A closer look at the shadows under the electric light reveals that the middle of the shadow is particularly dark and slightly shallow. The particularly dark part of the shadow is called the umbra, and the dark part is called the penumbra. The occurrence of these phenomena is closely related to the linear propagation of light. If a column of tea leaves is placed on the table and a candle is lit next to it, the tea tube will cast a clear shadow. If two candles are lit next to the tea can, they will form two overlapping shadows that do not overlap. The overlapping parts of the two shadows are completely without light, and they are all black. This is the umbra; the place where only one candle can be seen next to the umbra is the semi-shadow half-shadow. If you ignite three or even four candles, the umbra part will gradually shrink, and the penumbra will appear in many layers. It is also true that objects can produce shadows composed of umbra and penumbra under electric light. Obviously, the larger the area of ​​the illuminating object, the smaller the umbral. If we put a circle of candles around the tea cone, then the umbra completely disappears and the penumbra is too light to be seen. According to the above principle, the scientists made a shadowless lamp for surgery. It aligns the lamps with high luminous intensity in a circular shape on the lamp panel to synthesize a large-area light source. In this way, the light can be irradiated onto the operating table from different angles, which ensures that the surgical field of view has sufficient brightness, and at the same time does not produce a significant umbra, so it is called a shadowless lamp.

Surgical shadowless lamps typically consist of a single or multiple bases that are attached to the cantilever and can be moved vertically or cyclically. The cantilever is usually attached to a fixed coupler and can be rotated around it. The shadowless lamp is visibly positioned using a sterilizable handle or a sterile hoop (curved rail) and has an automatic brake and stop function to manipulate its positioning to maintain a suitable space above and around the surgical site. Fixtures for shadowless lights can be placed on fixed points on the ceiling or wall, or on rails in the ceiling.

The development of surgical shadowless lamps has been experienced by porous shadowless lamps, single reflection shadowless lamps, porous focusing shadowless lamps, LED surgery without a shadow lamp.
A traditional porous shadowless lamp, which mainly achieves the shadowless effect through multiple light sources. The more popular single-reflection shadowless lamp in China, which is characterized by high illumination and focus.
At present, there is also a porous focusing surgery shadowless lamp, which is currently the higher-end surgical shadowless lamp. In addition, the increasingly mature LED surgical shadowless lamp is gradually becoming more and more mature with its beautiful shape, long service life, natural luminescence effect and energy-saving concept. Go into the people's field of vision.

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