The Introduction Of Medical Ceiling Pendant

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The Introduction Of Medical Ceiling Pendant 

Medical Pendant is an indispensable medical equipment for air supply in modern operating room of hospital. It is mainly used for terminal transfer of medical gases such as oxygen supply, suction, compressed air, nitrogen, etc. in operating room. It is controlled by the motor to raise and lower the equipment platform, which is safe and reliable; the balanced design ensures the level of the equipment platform and the safety of the equipment; the drive of the motor ensures the rapid and effective operation of the equipment;


1.Appearance and structure

The appearance is smooth, streamlined, no splicing gap, no exposed screw on the surface, which meets the requirements of the special environment of the hospital for products.
It has a bearing capacity of 220kg and can be used for a long time under full load without deformation.


It can be rotated to increase the working coverage of the equipment and improve the use efficiency of the equipment; it is more convenient and convenient to adjust and use. The tower head and bearing platform can only hover on the circumference of the cantilever radius, so the single cantilever is selected as the operating room with small area. Rotation angle ≤ 340 °. Gas pipeline, cable and network communication line all pass through here.

The distance between the support point and the stress point of this component is large, which requires high strength and deformation resistance of the part itself. In the long-term load-bearing use, if there is deformation and the rotating mechanism is worn, it will cause the automatic "drift" of the lifting tower and the inclination of the bearing platform. For this reason, our company has abandoned the traditional aluminum alloy materials and selected high-strength die steel, which can ensure that no deformation and wear will occur under the long-term use of 220kg full load, and we also use advanced anti-corrosion treatment on the inside and outside of the products to ensure that there will be no corrosion during the use period.

3.Fixed cylinder

Connect the tower head. Its size is determined by the height of the room and ceiling decoration layer of the hospital. Gas pipeline, cable and network communication line all pass through here.

The part here is the transition part connecting the tower head, so this part not only bears the load, but also bears the key parts of flexible rotation, and the requirements of anti deformation ability are very high, so we use the same material and the same process as the cantilever.

4.Tower head

It can be rotated to install gas interface and gas pressure gauge, and has instrument power socket.

This part is made of 08F steel plate, which is a special material for sheet metal. The inside and outside of the part are treated with spray molding to ensure that the surface is corrosion-resistant and does not deform under full load.

5.Infusion stand

It can hang infusion bag (bottle) or infusion pump.

6.Gas terminal

Provide oxygen, suction, compressed air and other gas terminals.

7.Power supply socket

It can provide up to 8 power sockets, or provide network interface and telephone interface as required.

8.The connection of the bearing platform.

As the platform will be adjusted as required, the clamping screw will not damage the anti rust function, and the number of platforms can be increased as required, so medical grade stainless steel pipe is used.

Bearing platform:

The standard configuration is two layers, which can be added. Independent rotation angle ≤ 340 ° and bearing load ≤ 220kg.

Product features:

No splicing gap, no exposed groove, no exposed screw. The product has a large bearing weight, no deformation in long-term full load operation, the only one of the same kind of products without brake and no drift, and strong maintenance free capacity.
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