Medical Equipment Operation LED Light Ceiling Surgical Lamp Prices
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Medical Equipment Operation LED Light Ceiling Surgical Lamp Prices

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Main Features

* LED shadowless lamp is widely used in various occasions operation needs, is the ideal lighting equipment of modern operation room.
* Color reduction has improved by using of color temperature compensation technology, more suitable for brain surgery, thoracic surgery and other large complex surgery lighting.
* Fully enclosed streamlined lamp body design, fully meet today's operating room disinfection and high standards of laminar flow requirements.
* Light panel by injection molding, light is more softer, more secure and reliable.
* Set the soft start device, effetiely extend the light bulb life, the use of monochrome, phosphorus coated LED, long natural white ight bulb life


Technical Parameter

* Brightness guarantee
The shadowless lamp produces a maximum brightness of 140,00 lux and the brightness can be adjusted stelessly. Only at this brightness can the surgeon have 50% visible light in the operating area.
* No heat production guarantee
The LED light source does not produce infrared rays, the doctor's head temperature rises less than 2 degrees Celsius, and the extremely low temperature rise in the operation area also avoids the loss of body fluid caused by the temperature rise during the operation, thus solving the problem of wound healing caused by the high temperature of ordinary shadow-less lamp.
* No pathogen guarantee
One of the basic elements of surgery is that the number of pathogens must be kept to a minimum during surgery, so we use the best surgical shadowless design and the appropriate placement position(behind the surgeon) to effectively control the number of pathogens.
* Color temperature guarantee
Color perception is determined by the color temperature of the light being illuminated. For example, the color temperature of daylight is 5600 kelvin; at 5600 kelvin color temperature, the light perceived by human studies is white light.Therefore, experts recommend that the color temperature in the operating room be at least 4000 kelvin; therefore, the same light as the daylight treatment can be produced. For human eyes, the color in daylight is clear, making the diagnosis more accurate and not causing the medical staff to fatigue due to long hours of work.
* No shadow guarantee
Have the automatic illumination control system,when some LEDs were shadowed by the surgeons,other LEDs will be brighter atmatcal to compensated the losing.

Model EXLED D 6500
Head Diameter 650mm
Color Temperature(k) 4500±500K
Color Rendering Index(Ra) >97
Illumination  80000-160000Lux
LED bulb quantity 59PCS
Bulb LED bulb
Service light of illuminant 50000h
Bulb rated power 3.2V/1W
Voltage supply 


Illumination depth 


Intensity control  10%-100% 

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