EX-50I Series Manual Ceiling Medical Pendant

EX-50I Series Manual Ceiling Medical Pendant

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EX-50I Series Manual Ceiling Electrical Pendant
Detailed Technical Parameter

1. Apply in operating room, endoscope room, anesthesia room and hospital wards so on

2. Available in single and double arm configurations. Each joint has a rotation range up to ≤350 degree.

3. Ceiling Type

4. Pendant column can be custom designed to accommodate a large variety of medical gas outlets and electrical device.

5. One arm, can rotation, rotation angle≤350 degree.

6. High-strength aluminium alloy, wear-well reduce your cost

7. Pendant Color Blue, Red and so on

8. Pendant Dimension can customize

9. Medical gas outlet optional German / British /America/Japanese/ French /Chinese standards.

10. Can horizontal rotation, cannot lift






 Used high-strength aluminum allo, Modular  Design, Surface Electrostatic Powder Painting,Prevent corrosive, easy to clean.

 Low   maintenance,   

Brake way

 Damping Friction Brake, to make sure without drifting and easy to stop, insure safe

 Pneumatic is   optional

Rotary arm length

 1000mm (standard configuration)

 Length is optional

Rotary Radius



Head Service

 Column, Standard Height 800mm

 Height is optional




Shelf loading



Degrees rotation

≤350 º


Standard Configuration





 2 pcs



 1 pcs


I.V Pole

 1 pcs


Extension arm

 1 pcs


Gas outlets

 Surgical Pendant

 Anesthesia   Pendant

 Endoscopy   Pendant







 DIN   Standard

Electrical socket

 6pcs (220V 10 A)

 Universal   Type 


Other Configuration optional

 RJ 45

 Quantity is optional according to hospital need

 Video Socket

 Quantity is optional according to hospital need

 Grounding socket

 Quantity is optional according to hospital need 

 Monitor bracket

 Quantity is optional according to hospital need

 Electrical socket and gas outlets u can choose different standards,quantity is optional according to hospital need.

Equipment & Process

EX-50I Series Manual Ceiling Electrical Pendant Packaging & ShippingEX-50I Series Manual Ceiling Electrical PendantEX-50I Series Manual Ceiling Electrical Pendant 

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