Medical Gas Oxygen Pressure Flowmeter Regulator With Gauge

Medical Gas Oxygen Pressure Flowmeter Regulator With Gauge

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Flowmeter main performance parameter

Suction system (passive) negative pressure in the atmosphere is not higher than 0.02Mpa (150mmHg), not less than 0.07Mpa (525mmHg), and can be adjusted within the range. In -0.07Mpa, the maximum liquid flow rate should be greater than 5 L / min;

When inhaled liquid to a safe drip bottle capacity of maximum calibrated set or liquid bottle filled with safety drip bottle ,float should seal the suction port and automatically stopping the suction to prevent the suction of the liquid is drawn into the negative pressure regulating valve and the negative pressure piping systems

Suction plug and medical gas outlet should good compatibility, easy handing, reliable locking, the medical gas outlet connections have no leakage under the pressure -0.07MPa.

Suction system(passive) which the rate average of leakage caused by pressurization must be less than 1.8% per hour.

the vacuum gauge accuracy2.5 range of suction system is 0~-0.1MPa.


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