Hot Sale Hospital Air Sterilization Plasma Disinfection Medical Air Disinfector

Hot Sale Hospital Air Sterilization Plasma Disinfection Medical Air Disinfector

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Hospital Medical Device Air Purifier Disinfector 

ZH/KXD series medical plasma air disinfector products are mainly composed of fans,junior high effeciency filters,plasma modules and activated carbon molecular filters.Indoor polluted air is circulated through various disinfection,purification modules and junior high efficiency filters under the action of fans.The filter maniy filters hair,dust and other large particles of dust;the plasma module can effectively kill various bacteria,viruses,fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms in the air;the activated carbon molecular filter can effectively remove organic gases and various odors in the air.
This series of products can effectively achieve the disinfection effect of the disinfection enviroment in the hospital.


*Can be operated in a human state without any harm to the human body.
*Accumulation of working hours,automatic reminder for cleaning and maintenance 
*The shell is made of high-quality galvanized steel,with stable structure,anti-aging and self-ignition.
*Enhanced disinfection function for emergency treatment of indoor infections.
*Adopt new multifunctional plasma module,high sterilization efficiency and good dust accumulation effect.
*Reservation mode can realize 6-hour appointment switch on and off.
*Select high-quality activated carbon molecular filter,which can effectively remove organic gas and odor 
*Modular design for easy manitenance 
*Equipped with manual,intelligent,and appointment modes to meet user's more needs.
*Negative oxygen ion function,fresh air 
*Manual control and remote control for users to choose.
*Automatic fault alarm function.



Application Volume(m3)
100 100 150 100

Product Size(cm)
100*38*16 32*42*82 52*45*180 68*68*44

Product Weight(Kg)
20 25 65 26

60 110 150 115


Hospital operating room,ICU,supply room,delivery room,ward,laboratory,pathology room,laboratory,consultation room,infusion room,dental implant room,hemodialysis room etc;also can be used in hotels,theaters,swimming pools,books museum,exhibition halls, and other personnel are relatively secretivempublic places prone to cross infection.
Shanghai Zhenghua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. In 2000, it was officially renamed as Shanghai Zhenghua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 40 million. It is a national high-tech enterprise and has 46 patent certificates. The company is a comprehensive enterprise which is located in Shanghai Pudong new district specializing in the design, construction and perfect after-sales service of medical gas and purification engineering in East China and even in China. At present, the company has designed and installed medical center oxygen supply, vacuum suction, paging intercom system and other projects for hundreds of medical service organizations across the country. Users all over the China and also the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and Europe and other international markets.

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