Infusion Pump Infusion Pump Portable Volumetric Infusion Pump OEM

Infusion Pump Infusion Pump Portable Volumetric Infusion Pump OEM

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Voice alarm system,time adjustable,speed,infusion volume parameters adjustable, there are two modes of D/min and ml/h.
Parameter Technical 
Infusion speed Ml/h mode: (1~1200)ml/h, each stage increment is 1ml/h; drip/min mode:(1 ~ 266) drops/min
Quick arrangement function It is used to remove the bubbles in the infusion tube, and the fast discharging speed is 100-1200ml / h (the increment of each stage is 100ml / h)
Infusion accuracy The accuracy of ml / h mode is less than±5%, and the accuracy of droplet number mode is less than±5%
Limit range 1ml ~9999ml(minimum step: 1ml)
Display of cumulative infusion volume 0ml-9999.9ml (minimum step: 0.1ml)
KVO speed 1ml/h~5.0ml/h adjustable (1ml /h for each stage, 1ml/h for default)
Bubble detection Detection sensitivity of bubble detector≤25μL
Anti-bolus When the pipeline is blocked, it can automatically reduce the pipeline pressure
Drop number conversion The infusion pump can convert ml speed and drop number speed mutually, and display the conversion results on the display
Function of drug storehouse With the function of drug storehouse, there are more than 10 kinds of drug storehouse, with more than 1000 kinds of drugs
Type of alarm Pressure blocking alarm / door opening alarm / infusion completion alarm / bubble alarm / abnormal operation alarm / AC power has been pulled out prompt / forgotten operation alarm / low battery power alarm / battery empty alarm / power down alarm / drop detector has been pulled out alarm
Power Supply Three power supply modes are available
1)AC100-240V 50/60HZ
2) The built-in lithium battery is 11.1v, 1800mAh, and can work continuously for more than 4 hours (25ml / h) after fully charged
Interface DC 12V
RS 232
Product size 140mm*128mm*228mm

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